Stay Sweet

Stay sweet 

No matter how people treat you.

Always Retreat to your sweetness.

It’s not weakness,

It’s your superpower.

Don’t feed ego’s need to make them bleed.

A seed planted by pain 

watered by rain from 

leaks from eyes that 

stream down cheeks. 

Feed the elite beast who 

diligently moves her feet, eats raw meat and

throws fists with heat

but pretty, pretty please

Just stay sweet.

Complete strangers provoking anger 

have you beat when you 

meet them with what they see in the mirror.

Your petite frame so massive with love

Treat yourself to frequencies above obsolete conceit. 

Deplete mean energies, transform them to treats and 

keep feeding this starving world more of what it needs- sweetness.

Please, stay sweet.

Stay sweet for those who seek shelter from meanness.

They need this just as much as you do.

Release yourself from the curses and voodoos placed upon you 

by those who

wish they had abilities

to do the things that you do

From my soul
To my fists
To the canvas
© 2023 Tiffany Van Soest. All rights reserved.

Stay Sweet

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