Wind ripples smoothly 

through rice field greens

Dancing leaves

cool breeze

Kisses me

Soothing me

I breathe deep

Small souls winged

Flying free

Coconut trees

Sway on beat

Skies of blue

Match the sea

My favorite hues

Please aesthetically

Tropical dream



Grown organically


Nourishment for mouths it feeds

Nature speaks

Healing beings

Whispering sweet nothings

Fragrant frangipanis

Sandy feet

Sunkissed skin

Island heat

Sunrise greet

Selamat pagi

Ceremonies in the street

Incense burn

Daily offerings


Cantik sekali

Volcano peaks

Coral reefs

Stunning sunsets

Black sand beach

Jungle retreats

Hot motor bike seat

Traditional food 

so good to eat

I love you Bali

Terima kasih 

For just being 

And letting me be

From my soul
To my fists
To the canvas
© 2023 Tiffany Van Soest. All rights reserved.


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