I Smile

For the windows of my soul and to the world— I smile.

For the tide of breath rising and falling in my chest— I smile.

For the extensions of my heart that feel, touch, hit, and hold— I smile.

For the faithful soldiers that’ve ran, kicked, and danced on command and have carried me through distant lands— I smile.  

For the melancholy that invites greater appreciation for contrast— I smile. 

For the pain i’ve suffered to know the depths of love— I smile.

For the errors alchemized into invaluable, precious wisdom— I smile.

For the dreams I thought were stolen by a fate that mistakenly made me it’s master— I smile.

For the invincible light of summer that faithfully makes way for the return of warmth from the coldest of winters— I smile. 

For the blood-covered fist that beats life into my heavybag body— I smile.

From my soul
To my fists
To the canvas
© 2023 Tiffany Van Soest. All rights reserved.

I Smile

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