Training Camp

Sweaty laundry, smellin like adrenaline, stressin when 

I know I shouldn’t be.

Dark energy posessing me.

Thoughts are deep.

Talk is cheap.

Eat your heart out.

Organ meat,

It’s good for you.

Sweet misery, your company was not missed

Now I’m pissed about this and 

Sad about that,

Smash faces to Picasos

I’m abstract like that when I’m mad.

Sunshine in my eyes,

Rain storms inside,

Turning tides 

Low to high.

Ride the waves to better days.

Paved my way,

I can’t complain.

I chose this life.

Wouldn’t trade it for nothin‘.

Maturing in reverse like Benjamin Button,

The older I get the younger I feel or is it 

the older I feel the younger I get?

No regrets,

just blessed.

Ain’t seen nothing yet

Coming into my prime and

I’m right on time

to master my craft and craft works of art

for the world to take another little piece of my heart.

No sign of stopping

Kickboxing’s Janis Joplin

Hit em like a joint and

have these bitches coughin‘.

Often times I’m rather soft but I

Switch my hardness on and off 

To kick off topics off the top 

Dropping knowledge college didn’t teach me

School of hard knocks

knock knock, Who’s there?


Queen B for bomb after T-I-M-E

Coming on strong with these words I weave 

Take it or leave 

What you get is what you see 

Fighting or writing, it’s all poetry

Flow with me or

Don’t bother me

I’m training 

My work is your entertainment so

Let me be. 

You can’t tame me. 

From my soul
To my fists
To the canvas
© 2023 Tiffany Van Soest. All rights reserved.

Training Camp

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